Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 Recap

Let's take one last look at what I watched last month, shall we?

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die - As seen in September 2012
1) She's Gotta Have It (1986 - Spike Lee) 7/10 - Grew on me a little bit, but not a lot. Not sure if it'll even be strong enough to garner a "Ten Worth Mentioning" nod come TOP 20 time.
2) Do the Right Thing (1989 - Spike Lee) 7.5/10 - Went a little on the high side the first time around, probably because I'd seen it before and it was previously a favorite of mine. Still good though!
3) Withnail and I (1987 - Bruce Robinson) 6/10
4) Vagabond (1985 - Agnes Varda) 6.5/10 - My opinion on this one actually improved significantly over my initial review. Not nearly as bad as I made it out to be.
5) Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974 - Jacques Rivette) 7/10 - I'm giving it a '7', but only because it's so memorable and so strange that I'm having a really hard time forgetting this one. Definitely interesting and intriguing enough to watch again and even recommend.
6) Terms of Endearment (1983 - James L. Brooks) 9.5/10 - I dropped it one notch because I think I overrated it a little. I mentioned in my initial review that it would take the rock of Gibraltar to move this one out of position #1, but that may not be the case. I can almost guarantee that it'll be on the TOP 20 list, but where it will land is still up in the air.
7) Say Anything (1989 - Cameron Crowe) 8/10 - This is another one that could easily nab some sort of spot on the TOP 20 list and one that I didn't rate high enough.
8) Safe (1995 - Todd Haynes) 7.5/10
9) Yeelen (1987 - Souleymane Cisse) 1/10
10) Boogie Nights (1997 - Paul Thomas Anderson) 6.5/10 - I'm still having a hard time accepting the fact that I just don't like "Boogie Nights" as much as I used to. I stand by everything I said about it in my initial review.
11) The Ballad of Narayama (1983 - Shohei Imamura) 4/10
12) Stranger Than Paradise (1984 - Jim Jarmusch) 10/10 - Decided to bump this one up to the full monty. This is one that is sure to be a TOP 20 maker and possibly even land in the TOP 10.
13) Dead Man (1995 - Jim Jarmusch) 6/10 - The film is gorgeous, but it failed to really do anything significant for me.
14) Down by Law (1986 - Jim Jarmusch) 7/10
15) Beverly Hills Cop (1984 - Martin Brest) 6/10 - My initial excitement of watching this one for the first time after many, many years garnered it a higher rating than I'd normally give. Recap time always sets things straight.
16) Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (1992 - Nick Broomfield) 5/10 - Not as good as I initially led you to believe.
17) Chariots of Fire (1981 - Hugh Hudson) 5/10
18) A Fish Called Wanda (1988 - Charles Crichton) 10/10 - This could be the first straight comedy to take the top spot of a TOP 20 and that's no joke. (PS. I really don't consider "Sideways" a comedy, so that doesn't count)
19) Three Brothers (1981 - Francesco Rosi) 5.5/10 - Went a little high initially. Nothing worth writing home about here.
20) Napoleon (1927 - Abel Gance) 1/10 - We've reached the point where the numbers aren't gonna change much, because I've just watched these ones - "Napoleon" still sucks.
21) A Room with a View (1986 - James Ivory) 4.5/10 - Well plotted out and everything, just simply not my cup of tea.
22) Secrets & Lies (1996 - Mike Leigh) 8/10
23) Bull Durham (1988 - Ron Shelton) 4/10
24) The Decline of the American Empire (1986 - Denys Arcand) 8/10
25) Reds (1981 - Warren Beatty) 5/10 - Yes, I've already changed my mind on this one. It wasn't so bad that it deserved to be rated below average, so I bumped it up to average. It's actually quite acceptable for the first half and it isn't until the second half when things get tiresome.

Well that about wraps September up. With twenty-five movies watched last month, the fourteen I watched in August and the one that I watched today, that puts me at 40 movies in the bag, 60 to go for this season. If I can continue the pace that I set in September, then I could be making my sixth TOP 20 list just in time for Christmas. See ya next month and here's hoping that October produces a high volume of awesomeness.

October 1, 2012  6:19pm

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