Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SINS OF OMISSION - Entry #40: A Married Couple (1969)

Running Time: 97 minutes
Directed By: Allan King
Main Cast: Billy Edwards, Antoinette Edwards, Bogart Edwards
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Definitely the most memorable doc I've watched in the past half year and really, one of the more memorable films. Quality wise, it's probably low on the totem pole of the new batch, but that's still saying something. The film is directed by Allan King and basically just puts a camera into the home of the Edwards family (man, woman and child) and films their day to day life, as we watch their marriage disintegrate. I love movies where the camera just rolls and the film really makes us feel like an outsider, watching something that we probably have no right to.

It should be noted that the other great doc I watched this past six months was Life Itself, the Roger Ebert doc, but didn't find it quite good enough to invite into the fold. Still...very, very good.

RATING: 7.5/10  Great doc, yet the lowest rated movie of the new batch. Don't let the rating fool ya though, this is definitely a must see film.


  1. Sorry Andrew, I've not heard of this one .. so no comment I'm afraid ..

    1. Are you familiar at all with Allan King?

  2. 'Fraid not ... sorry. Even a quick search failed to ring bells . Oooops ..

    1. Well, I'd at least recommend this one...


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