Sunday, July 24, 2016

SINS OF OMISSION - Entry #38: The Hateful Eight (2015)

Running Time: 187 minutes
Directed By: Quentin Tarantino
Written By: Quentin Tarantino
Main Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demian Bichir
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In my opinion, this was the best Quentin Tarantino movie since Kill Bill. I wasn't crazy about Death Proof or Inglorious Basterds and while I did really enjoy Django Unchained, I loved this one even more. Great cast, great story, great suspense - really, there's nothing bad going on here whatsoever. Enjoy some stills, because I'm not in the mood to write...

RATING: 9/10  I have a feeling that every Q.T. movie will end up on my list, but man, I really enjoyed this one and as of now, it sits with Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill on my personal, 1,000 list.


  1. Scream... Both Amanda and yourself on Beep Tarantino.

    OK, sorry, that was a bit extreme, but he rather infuriates me. Some of his stuff is OK..but his unrelenting 'look at me, I'm so very, very clever and unrelentingly COOL' gets on my nerves.
    As I said to Amanda recently .. So he is full of very smart filmic references, and some OK social comment, observations and messages.. as well as clever story telling twists. Good. I like some of that.
    BUT .. I'm afraid I believe 90% of the people watching his films are gangs pissed 18 year old blokes slumped on a couch going "Phwaaar, look at that, great, blew his ****ing head of, blood everywhere, and did you see the bit where he ****ing shot the guy beep 6 beeping times with a '45 and the body fell to bits .. ****ing brilliant".
    OK, that is OK, I can understand that..
    But what annoys me about QT, is that he pretends he is making clever, intelligent films, but he knows a large part of his audience is only watching his films for the shootings, beatings up, unPC attitudes etc, and makes the films to suit that.
    Mr QT, you can make good films with inventive methods.. good for you .. just please stop pretending the violence is ironic, it's not, it's crowd pleasing, and stop making such things so Beep COOL.
    End of another Ray rant!

    1. I must RESPECTFULLY disagree. I think there's a quality fan base for Tarantino, because they know he's going to make a good movie. In today's world of films, I find Q.T.'s film refreshing. He draws from ideas of old and always has a compelling story to tell. Sure, there's lots of blood, but that's sort of a trademark, much like Peckinpah in the 60s and 70s was known for his violence. I get where you're coming from, but I think I'll always enjoy Tarantino just because he was one of the first directors I really took notice of.

  2. We have always been respectful of each other in our disagreements .. well, you certainly have, and I hope I have as well..
    Fair enough.. but you will know I have similar obbjections to Peckinpah .. .. I tend to believe in the maxim of 'less is more' .. both to violence and to horror movies ..

    1. You've definitely always been respectful.

      By the way, I'm working on the comments box. Can't figure out why it disappeared

  3. Thanks .. It would help to see when you have replied .. Or if there is anyone else out there these days!

    1. It looks like Blogger did away with the recent comments tool. I tried removing it and re-adding it just now and when I tried to re-adding, it wouldn't let me. I'll keep checking back to see if they reinstall it.


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