Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SINS OF OMISSION: The Christmas Batch

The whole interface of Blogger has changed since I last typed words on this blog. I hate change, so I'm not a fan - but I guess it'll do.

Hello, all. I don't need to take up much of your time here. It's time yet again for a new batch of SIN! For the newcomers, let's go over exactly what's happening here...

Basically, every time I watch 100 films (starting in January 2015), I add a new batch of films to my personal 1,000 list, which currently stands at 344 films. My rules are all self imposed and I follow them strictly. The most important rule is that I have to TRY MY BEST to include at least ten films for every 100 that I watch, but can choose no more than 15. If there happens to be a sixteenth or even a seventeenth film worthy of inclusion, there is nothing in my rules stating that it can't simply be rewatched the next 100 and reconsidered for inclusion.

In the last six months, the field was certainly a rough one. I narrowed down the original 100 to a very strong 24 candidates and then did the unenviable task of shaving off another nine.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll unveil my fifteen new choices here on the blog. More than likely, you'll see very little writing of my actual thoughts and a lot more of what I did last time: Simply typing out a title and slapping in a few pictures, simply to make it all official. I never did regain that desire to write about film and honestly, the thought of FORCING myself to write is so unappealing that I'd rather not do it.

Stay tuned for the next fifteen entries to my personal 1,000 list...

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