Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UPDATE - July 2011

Coming off the heels of another TOP 20 created, I figured I'd better pop in here and survey the scene and write a quick update post. First and foremost, I hope everyone who is reading my blog is having a good time doing so. I also hope everyone enjoyed the TOP 20 post and maybe, just maybe, you'll take my advice and see a few of the pictures that appeared on that list. The main cause for this update is to tell you the plan for the next 100 films, so let's cover that.


You've probably seen the posters that have been swamping the blog, promoting the upcoming "Spielberg Week". Just to make it clear, I'm not a huge Spielberg fan or anything, but I do realize he is a popular director, hence the posters. "Jaws" will be the kick-off to the next 100 films and I'll more than likely watch it tomorrow. On a side note, my progress here will probably be slowing down just a bit. I've been putting in extra hours, so to speak, for the blog in order to get to 301 watched and now that I've gotten there, I'll probably start watching things more gradually.


This might get a little confusing, so bear with me...

I was looking over my previous two TOP 20 lists and noticed that the dominant decade, when looking at both lists is the 1930s. It's not hard to figure out why that is, however, and it's simply because the 1930s was a decade with a considerable amount of films in the book and a decade that I watched entirely chronological. I got to thinking and it just didn't seem fair that the 1930s got such a distinct advantage to impress me and because I was now moving in a much more random fashion, no other decade would get that opportunity. So I've decided that with 700 films left to watch and seven considerable decades remaining in the book, that each group of 100 films, from now on, will be dominated by a particular decade. For this next 100 films, I've chosen the 1960s and it breaks down something like this...

I'll be watching...

63 movies from the 1960s
8 Spielberg movies
29 open spots, which will still give me a little bit of freedom to move around when I need to get out of the 60s.

I WON'T be watching EVERY movie from the 1960s just the majority of them and giving the 60s a chance to provide me with some new favorites.


In addition to a week dedicated to Steven Spielberg, in the next 100 films there will also be weeks dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard, Robert Wise and a four film Paul Newman salute titled "NEWMANIA!". There will also be a "Sergio Leone Hat Trick", which will cover Leone's three films from the book.


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Like I said I'll probably get around to "Jaws" tomorrow. If not tomorrow then I'll be back with it be weeks end. Thanks to EVERYONE who takes time out of their schedules and swings by hear to read or write comments. No matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to show you my true appreciation for that. Keep coming back and keep enjoying. Thank you!

July 19, 2011 2:22am

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