Monday, July 18, 2011

A Look at Things to Come...

The following video is one that I made, composed of some pictures of some of the films that I'll be watching over the course of my next 100 book movies (#302 - #401). I've taken the time to plot and plan out just some of the films that I'll be watching in that particular bundle of 100 and will be back soon with an update, explaining my choices and the plan for that group of 100. Enjoy the video and remember that I made it in the span of about ten minutes, so don't be too harsh.

July 17, 2011 11:30pm


  1. Interesting... a few there that had me going "Mmm.. I wonder what that is.." I shall find out soon.
    Thanks for advance warning about "Sound of Mucas". I shall be hiding in a cellar with a stash of Bergman movies at the time. You may well have summised from previous comments that it is not a film I enjoyed!
    PS. I'm grinding tom a bit of a halt in my progress..m Imn at about 820, and almost everyting left is not obtainable - either at all, anywhere (Report??), or not in Europe (Foolish wives, I walked with a zombie). I thought I'd never be able to get to 900, Im now doubting I'll get much beyond 850. I think you will probably get 950 ish fairly OK.. you have access to internet provided ones don't you.. plus all the stuff that, for weird reasons, is only on R1.

  2. I'm currently unable to find 118 of them, but that's not counting what's on the net. That's simply counting what Netflix does and doesn't have. I talk about Netflix a lot, but being in the U.K. Ray, you may not know what Netflix is. If you need an explanation let me know.

  3. Thanks.. I've guessed it is something like 'Love Film'.. you pay them so much a month, and they can post you Dvds.. but also you can down load films. I'm not very good on computers, and only recently even got onto the internet.. and downloading is still something I've yet to try.. Confused between streaming, torrents etc! Also I only have a cheapo computer, and even cheaper provider.. and not really sure what it can cope with.


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