Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spielberg Week - COMING SOON


  1. Groan.
    Sorry.. personal prejudice coming out.
    Whilst I recognise the importance of Spielerg and the like.. I'm afraid he has become to me the representative of where film industry has got lost.
    Yes, he makes hugely popular films, yes they are big and perhaos entertaining... but...
    Sorry, even when he goes for something serious like the Hollocaust.. or slavery.. or racial tensions .. or the horror of war, I just see the gloss, the sugar, the sentimental manipulation, the simplification into black v white and the endless parade of super cute kids that.. well, I end up reacting the other way and cheer on the dinosaurs.
    Sorry, rant over!

  2. I'm not the biggest Spielberg fan either, but he is popular and thus, much like his own movies get promoted to death, I decided to promote the fact that I'm getting ready to tackle his movies.


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