Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Years Later...

I almost wasn't going to do this post this year, because they always sound so repetitive. I end up basically saying the same things every year and that's forty minutes of my time I could be devoting to a movie or something more constructive. But, I looked back and it turns out I've done a post like this every year since this blog's inception, so what they hey...let's make it five!


*party whistles blowing*

I DO love taking this time to just thank everyone who has given me encouragement and opportunities. I started this blog five years ago (yesterday, to the day) and it was never meant to get attention. I simply only meant it as a diary (hence the signature at the bottom of all my posts, reminiscent of signing a diary at the end of everyday) to keep track of the movies I'd see, many classics that I'd never seen before. I wanted to do more than just WATCH the 1001 Movies I Must See Before I Die, but I wanted to brand them into my brain and a blog where I'd write about each and every one seemed a good way to do that. Even when I started, I guess I probably didn't think I'd last. How could I? I'd had several failed attempts at previous blogs - blogs I'd started because "it'd be cool" and then gave up on after a dozen or so posts. However this one has lasted five years and nearly 1100 posts (it really makes me realize what a wind bag I can be, seeing as how I've only watched about 850 movies, yet have nearly two hundred more posts than that...geez!). Anyway, I guess this is a huge pat on my own back that I've lasted this long, but I can't take all the credit. Frequent commenters (I'm looking at you Ray), collaborations, podcast invites and the opportunity to write in successful newsletters has all done wonders in stroking my ego and keeping me going.

This is where all the "magic" happens - my desk. Ray, if you look close you might see something familiar - the picture you sent along with the movies last year. Everything else hanging on the wall is just random pictures, mostly of my wife. The framed one is our wedding day photo. The desks (side and main one) are cluttered, as usual.

So a very hearty thank you to Ray Milner, the man who shows up nearly everyday to see what I've written - someone who lives on the other side of the world as me. It means a lot that he stops by everyday. I also thank him immensely for, last year, letting me borrow a few of the movies and trusting me to return them safe & sound. It's appreciation that I could never express by clickity-clacking on the keyboard.

Thank you to Karen Burroughs Hansberry, as always, for not only being a frequent supporter of the blog, but also for allowing me not one - but two opportunities to write for the fantastic newsletter The Dark Pages. If you have a few bucks to spend, it really is a fantastic hard copy (or electronic) newsletter that is completely devoted to film noir. I just received a copy in the mail yesterday - my second contributing issue. Information can be found by clicking the banner in my sidebar.

I also thank everyone else who has ever encouraged or supported the blog, the ones who have nominated me for awards, the ones who have taken the time to read something I've written - you are all appreciated. I'm talking about Tommy Wishloff, Brittani Burnham, Larry Antoskiewicz, William Burrow, Jenna & Allie of Flick Chicks, all 83 of my followers and probably a host of others I'm forgetting. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Despite coming to the realization about a month ago that I was losing some of my passion for this project, of course I'll be finishing. I'm trucking along at the best pace I can muster, despite a heavy work load by day and a wife to keep appeased by afternoon/evening. I think it also had a lot to do with a bunch of bland movies hitting me all at once and it took a few good ones to really snap me out of my slump. I love this project and all that it has showed me, the countless movies that I would never have watched had it not been for THE BOOK, the countless named I'd have never heard.

So keep reading em and I'll keep writing them (as Stan Lee would say). Oh and don't forget, I'm not just confined to movies anymore. I'm also the 1001 Albums guy now too, as you can see by perusing the top bar and clicking on the appropriate link. Oh and yes, I also have a Twilight Zone fan page that I'll get around to adding more entries too SOMEDAY. I'm a busy man dammit!

Anyway, I realize for my five year anniversary I should've had something a little more special planned. A list of some sort or perhaps an extra special movie review. I was contemplating doing ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST as my anniversary movie, but I'm sort of saving that one for a rainy day. I highly doubt anyone was expecting anything significant to mark this occasion, but if you were, I'm sorry - this is about all you're getting. As I write this I've just put in eight hours, my feet are aching and I'm ready to chill on the bed with the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen which is waiting for me on the DVR. Again, to everyone who has journeyed with me for the past five years, I thank you. If you were a supporter, you're awesome for supporting this faux film critic. Goodnight and good luck! (that one's not in THE BOOK by the way).

September 12, 2014  6:28pm


  1. Oh gosh,, what a compliment from you.. and yes, looking carefully I can make out the post card of the Youth Hostel I run in the Lake District..
    Anyway, glad I helped..

    1. From me to you personally, thank you again. I hope you always come and provide extra insights into these films. You are a welcome and appreciated addition to the blog!


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