Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hiatus Time Again

So here's the deal guys, I popped in "The Outlaw Josey Wales" the other night and started watching it. At about the forty five minute mark, I realized I was way too tired for a movie and decided to turn in. The next night, I picked up where I left off and started watching again and realized this time that I wasn't too tired, I just wasn't the slightest bit interested in watching a movie. I wasn't really enjoying this one anyway, but it seemed to be more than just a bad film and it seemed like my batteries were in need of another recharging. I really tried to stave off taking a hiatus, which is why I took about a week to make this post, to make sure that I really wanted to take another break. The thing is, is that if I continue to watch movies when I'm not in the mood for them, I'll hate them no matter what and I don't want that. So, I'm officially announcing a little break - hopefully it won't last long. I'm going to just go ahead and keep the movies I currently have from Netflix and hopefully that old fire will rekindle here in a few weeks. Until then, don't be surprised to see me pop in with a SINS OF OMISSION post, as I'm still trying to get my master list to 250.

Also, while I'm here, I have to thank Karen Burroughs Hannsberry for inviting me to participate in the GREAT VILLAIN BLOGATHON. I hope everyone enjoyed my post today and I encourage you to click the link on my sidebar and find links to other villainous tributes. Thank you Karen - I'm always delighted to work on your projects.

I'll be back...

April 22, 2014  10:48pm


  1. Enjoy your break. I know what you mean about needing a break from time to time. Earlier this year I got super busy and didn't have much time to watch movies, but then when things settled down and I got some time back, the movie bug just wasn't with me. I'd get 20 minutes into one and just want to do something else. It felt like I was forcing it. So I caught up on some TV watching, video game playing and book reading that I had been meaning to do. I watched 2 movies from the Book tonight, though, and it felt good, so hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things now.

    1. Thank you William for swinging by and seeing things my way. I always feel so pathetic when I put these posts up, because I feel like people don't get why I need breaks. I mean, after all, I am JUST watching movie - it's not like it's that taxing. However, like you said (and I said) sometimes you just need to step away for a bit.

      And like you said, I do know that when I do get back to it, I'll love it like I did when I first started the project, which makes these hiatuses so important.


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