Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pennsylvania Miracle Man? That's Me!

If a picture is worth a thousand words; then the average two-hour movie, at 24 frames per second, is worth 172,800,000 words. I cannot even being to fathom the amount of words that Andrew has seen through four years of watching and blogging.

            It’s an astronomical achievement for him to have stuck with it this far, through all of the films both spectacular and atrocious. If you think about all that goes into one review then you cannot help but admire what he’s done. Think about it for a second: he probably comes home from work; has dinner; watches the film, no matter how good or bad; formulates his thought; writes a review, which if you’ve ever written anything for a blog you’ll know that it takes around one and a half to two hours; and finally reads and replies to comments in a thoughtful manner. All this is done, simply because he has a limitless passion for film, and his site. There is a reason most of his reviews are postmarked at one in the morning, because that’s how long it takes him to truly make the reviews worthwhile for all of us.

            There’s a reason that Andrew was one of the first people I contacted in search of a guest appearance. He always has a reason for his thoughts, no matter who’s favorite classic he may be trashing, or which bomb of someone’s that he’s praising to the heavens. I, like most everybody who reads his reviews regularly, doesn’t always agree with him (Touch of Evil only 5/10?????), but we cannot argue that he doesn’t have a why. That’s probably the greatest reason that the 1001 movie man has been such a success, he always has a real reason.

            Andrew has always been there to champion both his personal favorites (see Sideways), and the little films that are often overlooked in the book (see Woman in the Dunes). Andrew was also never afraid to call a spade a spade per say, and throw the book at something that he didn’t connect with (see Naked Lunch).  

            This fourth anniversary marks a special time in Andrew’s blog; simply because I don’t know how many more yearly anniversaries that we can fit in, before he finishes his endeavor. As of September 14th, 2013, Andrew has 273 films to go. When he reaches that eventual day where the fifth edition is complete, I will be insanely proud of my friend for having achieved a monumental accomplishment. Today stands as a true achievement for Andrew, the real Pennsylvania miracle man (bonus points if you get that reference). No matter what happens in the upcoming years, to make it to four years of blogging is an achievement unlike any other. So congratulate the 1001 Movie man, and try not to be too hard on him for reversing his original opinions on Requiem For a Dream.  

By Thomas Wishloff


Thank you to Thomas for his very kind words....thank you very much!

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