Friday, September 27, 2013

894. Clueless (1995)

Running Time: 97 minutes
Directed By: Amy Heckerling
Written By: Amy Heckerling
Main Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Dan Hedaya
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AS IF...

I can't believe I'm reviewing this, I can't believe I'm reviewing this, I can't believe.....oh...hello! Yes, the 1995 teen film "Clueless" SOMEHOW gets a nod as one of the 1001 must see movies of all-time and to tell you the truth, I can't believe it.

The film revolves around main character Cher (Silverstone), a typical Beverly Hills teenager, complete with long blonde hair, a rockin' wardrobe, popularity and schoolyard drama. The film is, kind of, told in sectional form, with several running plot lines. When Cher gets a "C" in debate class, she begins to play matchmaker between her debate teacher and another of her teachers. Getting them in love and in a good mood serves well for her grades, which promptly shoot up. Following that, a new student arrives at school, Tai (Murphy), in desperate need of a makeover, which Cher and her best pal Dionne (Dash) take control of. They end up turning Tai into a mini version of Cher and trying to set her up with "Baldwin" (the film's terminology for a cute guy) Elton. However, Elton doesn't want anything to do with Tai and instead wants to date Cher, who isn't interested. Later, Cher falls for Christian, who doesn't seem to be interested. Oh yeah, Paul Rudd's in there too as Cher's ex-step brother, who also seems to have a thing for Cher.

As I was searching for pictures to include in this post, for some reason a picture of Alex DeLarge came up (Malcolm McDowell from "A Clockwork Orange") and it dawned on me even harder what a travesty it was to include "Clueless" in THE BOOK. Now "Clueless" fans, don't get in an uproar just yet, because I do have some nice things to say, I promise, but you have to let me gripe a bit too. If it was the intention of THE BOOK to include a perfect example of a teenage comedy and a representation of 90s culture, then kudos to them, because they succeeded. But you're telling me there wasn't a better example of that? Perhaps there wasn't, I mean the film does give a pretty good example of 90s life in America. You've even got clips of "Beavis and Butt-head" and "Ren and Stimpy" in there, not to mention the music (tunes from The Might Mighty Bostones and No Doubt, two very 90s bands). You've also got the clothes (Paul Rudd rocking flannel, grunge style) and the dialogue all oozing 90s and to be honest, the film kind of took me back to my youth, as I am a child of the 90s. Hell, even Alicia Silverstone, who seemingly lived and died in the 90s (well her public image did anyway) is the star, made famous by the Aerosmith song "Crazy", another 90s tune. The film is 90s through and through!

But still, that doesn't excuse this poor excuse for a must see movie and Heckerling's attempt to recapture previous glory that she had with "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Hell, there's even a Spicoli in there (Breckin Meyer as Travis)! I won't be too hard on it, because honestly I can understand WHY they included it (the 90s factor), but I can still bitch about it! Honestly though, as much as I didn't take to this movie (I just don't think I'm the core audience), my wife and I did have a pretty good time watching it, giving each other rolled eyes looks and chuckling at the stupid humor.

RATING: 5/10  Slice it right down the middle and call it an average time at the movies. Short one today, because lets face it, "Clueless" doesn't take as long as say "Pi" or "Woman in the Dunes" to write about.


September 27, 2013  12:49pm


  1. OK, if you want shocks, surprise in the "what will so-and-so think of this one" game....
    I didn't loath this to pieces. I didn't heave a brick at the screen, I didn't spend the duration of the film cleaning the floor, dusting or cutting my toenails.
    OK, I loathed the characters and their empty, sheltered, spoilt brattish lives.. But the film? A searing indictment of 90's over privileged teen life style with biting observational satirical humour.
    So maybe I have utterly missed the actual intent of the film.. I don't care. I chose to see it in my way, from my slant, with my prejudices.. and enjoyed seeing the cardboard cut outs being skewered.
    Absolutely also spent the film rolling my eyes at the stupid humour.. as to how inane everything in their lives was, and loving the clever, intelligent reworking of' ' Emma'.
    So one I will defend having a valid place in the book as a time capsule. And another 'thank you', as NO WAY would I have thought of watching this, but glad i have.

    1. Sincerely shocked you liked this Ray. Glad you did though.


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