Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ray Week #1 - COMING SOON

Well the ego is deflating nicely after yesterdays "Pretty Clever Films" mention, I'm here to report.

In other news, there will be two - count 'em TWO - "Ray Week's" this season and Nicholas Ray will get the first chance to impress me. Coming soon...


  1. Hey, Andrew, that's very good of you - I get my own week? In which you re-watch and like Cat people and Casablanca?
    Oh.. sorry.. I see what you mean. But then again any week with 'In a Lonely place' and 'Johnny Guitar'is a sort of Ray week.
    Ah, but you are not that keen on Bogart are you..?
    Ray, not Nicholas

    1. Haha I'm sure I will watch Cat People again SOMEDAY, just to give it a second chance. Casablanca? I've already seen it enough times to realize that I simply can't stand it. Hope you enjoy (Nicholas) Ray Week.


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