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422. A Hard Day's Night (1964)

Running Time: 88 minutes
Directed By: Richard Lester
Written By: Alun Owen
Main Cast: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Wilfrid Brambell
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In a couple of weeks, the world will once again be forced to remember that horrific day in history when legendary Beatles front man John Lennon was gunned down and killed. Today, I take a look at a much happier time in the life of the "Fab Four" - their early days and the height of "Beatlemania".

The film really doesn't have much of a plot too it and is obviously meant as a vehicle to showcase the Beatles, making a few cents off of their success and popularity. The four play themselves and the film takes place during a day when the Beatles are to play on television, later that night. It starts with a train ride, where John, George and Ringo meet Paul's grandfather, John (Brambell), run into a feisty old miser and bang out a rendition of "I Should Have Known Better", before departing the train and escaping through a flurry of frenzied female fans and into a waiting car. The fellows head to a hotel, where their road manager tells them to stay put, but they brush him off to swing with some ladies and do a little dancing. Later the boys field some questions at a press conference before heading to a studio where they prepare for a television appearance. Ringo falls into a funk before showtime, however and leaves the studio, abandoning his fellow band mates and sending us into a climax, as the Paul, George and John are forced to go out and look for Ringo, all the while worrying about keeping an eye on Paul's grandfather.

My opinions on "A Hard Day's Night" are not many, so this shouldn't take too long. If I wasn't a fan of The Beatles, I probably would have hated this film. However, being a fan of theirs made it enjoyable, because you got to hear some good music and see the quartet run around and be a little foolish. Going into the film, I pretty much expected a ninety minute music video and was surprised when the film actually turned out to have some semblance of a plot and a lot of decent comedy. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions, but again that may just be because I like The Beatles and it cracked me up to see them interacting with one another and goofing around.

However, outside of the songs and the bits of comedy, the film really doesn't amount to much. I agree that it should be in THE BOOK, because I think everyone should get a real taste of The Beatles and in movie form, this is a top notch way to do that. The Beatles were musical legends and while the film may not have been the best thing ever committed to celluloid, it's something that everyone should treat themselves to, at least once. Of course, if you don't like The Beatles, then by all means skip this one and go rent "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never".

Songs you'll hear in "A Hard Day's Night" are as follows: "A Hard Day's Night", "I Should Have Known Better", "If I Fell", "Can't Buy Me Love", "And I Love Her", "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You", "Tell Me Why" and "She Loves You".

RATING: 6.5/10 It's really not a film that I can stretch into two full paragraphs, so I'll apologize for the short review and hopefully make it up to you next time. Peace.


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November 25, 2011 9:38pm


  1. Did you try to spot Phil Collins in the concert scene?

  2. The Beatles were Cultural icons. Their music changed society, however i think a documentary of them might be pretty annoying. You can only have so much Beatles.

  3. No I didn't Michael, I didn't even know he was in there. Is he in the crowd at the end?

  4. Supposedly, at least according to Collins.


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