Saturday, December 12, 2015

UPDATE - December 2015

"Where on Earth have you been?"

That's the question I plan to answer today...

Long story short, I'm kind of sick of the blog. When I finished the blog, a month and a half ago, the whole idea was that my writings would slow down heavily and I'd finally get a chance to watch what I wanted and not be forced to follow my viewings with coming here and writing about it. I longed for the days when I could finish a film and that film was finished - end of story. However, the opposite seemed to happen. It seemed like when I finished the blog, my writing got more frequent. I committed to writing once every Saturday only, except that post grew into something that was really a pain in the ass to write up. By four weeks in, I was sick of the whole experiment and ready to pack it in. So that's what I did...

So officially, I announce the end of MY WEEK IN FILM. First and foremost, I want to thank Amanda for her three contributions. Amanda was ecstatic about writing for my blog from the word go and I thank her for enthusiasm and her hard work. She was more than cooperative and timely with her writings and while I thanked her via email, last week, I want to formally thank her here. Thank you Amanda.

I also want to thank Film Debate for the opportunity to write for their website. Last week, I was feeling completely burned out by my writing endeavors and decided to contact Film Debate and render my resignation, so to speak. I only wrote one column for them, but it was received well by them and I was proud of that piece, having put a lot of work into it, to ensure that it came across as professional. Film Debate has left the door open for me to return and I thank them for being so understanding.

So where do we go from here?

Probably not far, to be honest. First of all, expect a long hiatus, as I'm just 100% burned out from writing. I still plan to write formal reviews for the 1001 movies that weren't in my edition of THE BOOK, but I also plan to avoid any of those movies for a while, on purpose, so that I can stay away from writing and recharge my batteries. However, if you just can't get enough of my thoughts on film (I doubt there's too many of you out there) then follow me on Letterboxd, as I plan to continue to keep that thing very active - even adding thoughts on most movies I watch.

I can be followed on Letterboxd here

Call this a goodbye for now, but I'm sure I'll be back. Like I said, I just need to recharge and maybe toss around some ideas on where to take the blog from here. Perhaps a new project will surface? Perhaps...

December 12, 2015  1:22pm


  1. Oh gosh. Whilst I can fully understand everything you say, I'm sorry to hear this.
    I will very much miss the mornings when I get up, have my tea ready and log on to find a new film from yourself.
    I have opened a letterbox account, but you know me and modern social media stuff, I've no idea what it is, what to do with it or how to find you on there to read your stuff.. If you can find me .. user name UKray can probably 'invite me' or something.

    1. Well we've found each other on Letterboxd! Success!

      I can't imagine this being much more than just a regular hiatus, which you know, I've taken many of over the years. I can definitely see myself back at the blog in the coming weeks, months...

  2. That's a shame you're calling a halt, have enjoyed reading your posts. I can understand exactly where you're coming from though, I had similar feelings when I abandoned my old blog a couple of years ago, it was only completing the 1001 that prompted me to start writing again. If writing about films has started to be a chore or distract from the enjoyment of the films themselves, then it does seem a good idea to take a break.

    Hope you start it up again in the future, a new project will come to you I'm sure. Funnily enough in the new year I'm planning to start a weekly post about any good films I've seen that week, has similarities to what you've just been doing, so based on your experience it'll be interesting to see how much enthusiasm I have for that after the first few weeks. Unlike me, you've been writing non-stop for years though so hopefully I can keep it going. The xmas films article has generated far greater reader numbers than I'd expected which has also fuelled my enthusiasm.

    I'll keep an eye out for any future updates here, should you feel re-inspired further down the line. I bet it will be nice to just watch movies again like a normal person! Have a great Christmas, Donald.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Donald.

      Yes, keep checking back. Let's just call this a hiatus - something I've taken many of over the past six years. I have a feeling that after a month or two or maybe even a few weeks, I'll be ready to throw up a post or two.


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