Thursday, August 7, 2014


It's nearly that time of year again when I have a desire to try and spook myself along with the rest of the world. Last year, I turned to you, the readers of the blog, to help me out with a few suggestions to accompany my own movies. Remember, this has nothing to do with THE BOOK, as I've pretty much dried up all of the horrors from there and now take the opportunity ever year to write about some NON-BOOK stuff. I have a few ideas of my own, including a possible SIN OF OMISSION, but I like to mix it up a little and see some stuff that you guys suggest.

Here's what I'm thinking so far and remember, nothing is set in stone yet.

*Graveyard Shift
*The Amityville Horror (original)
*When a Stranger Calls (original)

That's really it. I'm open to any and all suggestions, so let them fly. I'd prefer to keep it to stuff that I've never seen, but if someone has a deep desire to see me review something that I've already seen (which I doubt) then I'll gladly make exceptions. Of course, you guys won't necessarily know what I have and haven't seen, so that really doesn't matter anyway. If you want to throw some horrors a me, just leave a comment below. I only ask that they be horror films or at least thrillers/suspense - something that would work well with Halloween, which is when FRIGHTFEST will take place.


August 7, 2014  8:52pm


  1. Skip Graveyard Shift. Not a good movie by any logic. And honestly, Amityville Horror I found really boring also. Watch only if you feel obligated as a hardcore horror fan. Tremors definitely though. It's a pretty entertaining, cult horror comedy. And I haven't seen When A Stranger Calls, so I can't speak to that one. As far as recommendations, this list on icheckmovies has some solid films on it:
    It's not a perfect list by any means, especially the bottom half, but stick within the top 100 and most of those are worth watching.

    1. Why do I remember kind of liking Graveyard Shift? I'll heed your advice about The Amityville Horror then. I just figured it was one of those required viewings for horror enthusiasts. I've seen Tremors MANY times before, but kind of really want to give it a proper review, so it's probably a shoo in. I watched the first say twenty minutes of When A Stranger Calls once before falling asleep and it was actually quite good, so I would kind of like to finish it off.

      Thanks for the list recommendation, I'll give it a perusing.

  2. I passed on this when you first posted, as I felt I had nothing much to add.. but try this odd little short (it will be on You Tube..)
    La Cabina (The phone box). A Spanish short.
    As someone on iCM described. as if Luis Bunuel had written a 'Twilight zone' episode.

    1. Great! I'll definitely watch this, though, I should note that I may drop the whole FRIGHTFEST thing this year. I'm struggling enough trying to get THE BOOK movies watched, let alone piling on another 7. I'm still considering it, nothing in stone yet...

      Thanks for the recommendation Ray!


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