Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bresson Week - COMING SOON


  1. Arrrghh.. A Robert Bresson season! Scream.
    I have tried SO hard to like this guys stuff, and seen several others by him not in The Book...
    You know I will always be ready to stand by you defending the other great exponent of religious angst, doubt and misery.. Mr Bergman.. but Bresson i feel has a different slant. Mr Bergman I believe is happy to explore the doubts of faith.. Bresson I feel celebrates the misery and suffering.
    Sorry, perhaps more when you have also suffered the pains of a Christ like Donkey.. I wish you well!.

    1. Oh man, now I'm a little scared. I'm really looking forward to some of these, I won't lie. Anyway, I guess we'll get into them one by one and go from there. I'll look forward to your thoughts as I go.

    2. I really liked A Man Escaped and Balthazar. I have not seen the other two. I will say Bresson has a unique style that some people love and others find hard to get into.

    3. Well I'm a GIGANTIC sucker for prison stuff, so my hopes for A Man Escaped are high to say the least. I guess that just sets me up for a bigger disappointment if I don't like it. Thanks for the feedback, to both Larry and Ray!


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