Monday, January 27, 2014

791. Une Histoire de vent/A Tale of the Wind (1988)

Running Time: 80 minutes
Directed By: Joris Ivens
Written By: Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan Ivens
Main Cast: Joris Ivens, Henxiang Han, Guilian Liu, Zhuang Liu, Hong Wang


Look, I hate to be rude with that subtitle, but when it comes to certain movies I'm just plain ignorant. I think it's been well documented that I don't do experimental films very well and that in order to settle into a good movie, I need a plot, some characters, something to really take a bite out of and "A Tale of the Wind" just didn't provide that.

The film, as I just noted, IS experimental and features Joris Ivens (also writer and director) and his quest to film the wind or to film the impossible. The film notes that Ivens is a lifelong asthmatic and shows him in several different scenarios, including in the middle of the desert, hoping that he can conjure up some hard blowing air. In a different segment, Ivens pays homage to "A Trip to the Moon", by taking his own flying spaceship (in a dream sequence) to the moon and learning that the wind doesn't exist up there. There's a several different segments and scenarios, but they all lead to me wanting desperately to just fall asleep. I just couldn't dig in and enjoy any of it. Well, that's not entirely true, as I will admit the film did flow along quite nicely and honestly, every time I did look at the clock, I was surprised to see that quite a few minutes had ticked by. The little piece with the angel shooting arrows at nine suns, because there were TEN suns threatening to burn up the Earth was pretty interesting stuff, I guess. It was also kind of interesting to learn that Ivens has been around for quite sometime, as they show snippets of some of his old films from the 30s.

But, like I said and I'm very willing to admit it, I'm just ignorant when it comes to certain things and this is one of them. If you liked this, then obviously you're much more accepting and cultured than I am and good for you, because things like "A Tale of the Wind" will never be something that I can embrace or enjoy. Films like this are always going to get the snub from me and ultimately, I'm probably going to give them less of my attention, because I'll always know in the back of my head that they'll never amount to anything enjoyable, at least for this movie goer. Not that I didn't give this one my full attention, that's not necessarily what I mean. It's just that I kind of write them off from the get go, knowing I won't like them.

RATING: 3/10  There, I tried hard to be generous and at least give it a few points for not making me want to tear my hair out and for a few interesting pieces.


January 27, 2014  3:22pm


  1. I watched this just a couple weeks ago, and already I can barely remember it. I tried to give it my full attention, but with nothing really happening plot-wise, I just couldn't keep my mind from wandering. At least it wasn't too long.

  2. No great surprise again this one failed to excite you.. but no need to do yourself down for that!

    I found this one.. well, quite acceptable. I even enjoyed some of it.. (but I'd never like to think of me being more cultured or accepting than yourself)
    He is a bit taken with his own self importance (the stills- of himself- do him no favours as he looks very pompous and posed to look very intellectual.. and is just begging people to write it all off as poseur intellectualism gone mad..
    Still, one I'm glad to have seen and count as a 'thank you book' film.. but with reservations.

  3. I guess I just feel like anytime something different comes along, it's a given as to what I'm going to rate it. I kind of wish I could be a little more open minded, but no matter how hard I try, these experimental films just get nowhere with me.

    I do think I try though...I'd hate to think I write them off from the get go.


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