Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mid-Season Report Card

So with "1900" being the 50th film of the current season, I figured I'd do a quick & dirty round-up of the first half and let you guys no where things stand, as it pertains to the upcoming TOP 20 list. Of course, by passing the halfway mark, my attention now turns even more toward the impending TOP 20 list and the heavy contenders that will fill, not only those coveted 20 spots, but also the Ten Worth Mentioning section. So, let's see where we stand, shall we?

Movies That Will Almost Assuredly See "Action" Come TOP 20 Making Day
*Buffalo 66 (1998 - Vincent Gallo)
*The Apartment (1960 - Billy Wilder)
*Grease (1978 - Randal Kleiser)
*Le Trou (1959 - Jacques Becker)
*Wages of Fear (1953 - Henri-Georges Clouzot)
*Trainspotting (1996 - Danny Boyle)
*Bigger Than Life (1956 - Nicholas Ray)
*The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957 - Jack Arnold)
*Marty (1955 - Delbert Mann)
*The Passion of the Christ (2004 - Mel Gibson)

Movies That Have A CHANCE At A TOP 20 Spot, But Have A Better Shot At "Ten Worth Mentioning"
*The Defiant Ones (1958 - Stanley Kramer)
*Some Like It Hot (1959 - Billy Wilder)
*Silver Lode (1959 - Allan Dwan)
*An Autumn Afternoon (1962 - Yasujiro Ozu)
*A Streetcar Named Desire (1951 - Elia Kazan)

Movies I'm Still Wavering On. Have About A 60/40 Chance Of Making The List
*Double Indemnity (1944 - Billy Wilder)
*Les Diaboliques (1954 - Henri-Georges Clouzot)
*The Housemaid (1960 - Kim Ki-young)
*The Bigamist (1953 - Ida Lupino)
*Hiroshima mon amour (1959 - Alain Resnais)
*Shoah (1985 - Claude Lanzmann)

Well with ten good TOP 20 candidates and five good Ten Worth Mentioning Candidates, I'd say we're in pretty good shape heading into the second half. Now that I've actually typed it all out, I've realized this was more for me, than it was for you guys. I'm an extremely organized person and this is something that I'd normally do anyway, I just wouldn't normally post it. This way, it gives you guys a chance to get a peek inside my mind, the movies that I'm mulling over and my thought processes heading into the second half and the creation of TOP 20 #7.

April 7, 2013  3:06am

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