Saturday, December 1, 2012

174. The Battle of San Pietro (1945)

Running Time: 37 minutes
Directed By: John Huston
Written By: John Huston
Main Cast: (narrator): John Huston


I really should've put forth a greater effort to watch something a little more poignant and, well, longer from THE BOOK, for my 600th movie. However, for some reason, I'm just really ready to wrap this season and get a look at my next TOP 20 - a TOP 20 of which I'm not sure how will play out.

In 1945 John Huston was commissioned by the U.S. Army to make a propaganda film about the soldiers fighting in World War II. Can I just stop for a second and point out how in love THE BOOK is with World War II pictures. I can't even begin to tell you how sick I am of war movies in general, let alone WWII films. Anyway, Huston accepted, because he's a patriot or something and put together a thirty some odd minute documentary about the brave men and women that fight for the U.S.

I've gotta' say after spending a day watching short films and documentaries, I'm not sure I'll ever find one that's for me. I just can't seem to get invested in movies that are over not long after they begin. The only short movie I've ever enjoyed (outside of some Buster Keaton and PIXAR shorts) is "The Red Balloon" and who knows if there are anymore. "The Battle of San Pietro" is filled with a lot of war/military jargon and you all know how I feel about that type of thing. THE BOOK has shown me very few war films that I've actually been able to label (or re-label) as favorites and I think the bottom line is that I'm apparently a lover, not a fighter. You know, make peace not war and that whole thing. Thumbs down!

RATING: 1/10  WOW!!! What a day! FOUR...Count them...FOUR movies rated either a '1' or a '2'. I really saved the worst for last out of this crop. I really should have made a better effort to spread some of these around, because watching this many failures in a day can't be good for my health.


December 1, 2012  10:09pm

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