Friday, October 30, 2009

48. L'Age D'Or /The Age of Gold (1930)

Running Time: 62 minutes
Directed By: Luis Bunuel
Written By: Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali
Main Cast: Gaston Modot, Lya Lys, Max Ernst, Caridad de Laberdesque


Much like its predecessor, An Andalusian Dog, Luis Bunuel once again brings us another movie that makes us scratch our heads and say "What the fuck??!!" The Age of Gold certainly makes us do both of those things, but not in that good way that makes you wanna run right over to the computer and demand answers to your questions. Its that bad way, that makes you not really care and just be glad that the craziness has ended.

My review of The Age of Gold, will be kept short and sweet, because I really am not sure how to put this movie down into words. Suffice it to say that if you enjoy David Lynch's Eraserhead, then this flick is probably for you. Once again, I don't mind odd, I just like to have some idea of what's playing out in front of me, and if there's an amazing amount of symbolism, then I at least want it to make sense and not just be babble spread all over the screen for the viewer to look at and have to furrow their brow and be completely puzzled.

There were certain parts that I didn't mind, the sexual misadventures of the man and woman, were quite interesting, as the man and woman kissed and gnawed at each other's fingers and gazed at the feet of a statue, while the woman even resorted to sucking the toe of the statue. Quite odd, yet quite interesting and gloriously grotesque. I'll give it a few notches for the few scenes that didn't make me want to rip my hair out, but that's all I can give it, as most of this film was a complete waste of time. Sorry Mr. Bunuel, me and your films just don't seem to be seeing eye to eye.

RATING: 2.5/10 That's absolutely as high as I can go, and that's being generous.

NEXT UP: Earth...Should be ready either late tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned kiddies.

October 29, 2009 11:16pm


  1. Yes, a couple of films that had to be 'endured'... At least 'chien Andelou' was short.
    Did your disc have the commentary track? Helped a lot actually, but still...
    And I trust the quip 'Bunuel and I do not see eye to eye' is deliberate.

  2. Despite not liking the two Bunuel films I've watched so far, I'm still looking forward to "Tristana" and "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie"

  3. Oh and I don't know if my disc had the commentary or not, but I didn't watch it. Although I did watch the film itself twice, since it was so short.

  4. He improves. I've even seen some not on the list, despite these two...

  5. I have just found 'Land without Bread / Las hurdes' on UTube.. there are several versions, but there is one, in three pats, voiced in English...
    Just a tip for one of the 'missing' difficult to find ones..

  6. I'll take the tip Ray and hopefully include that in one of my "It Came from YouTube" series.


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