Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just wanted to throw up a post and give a few thoughts and make a few things clear...

*I may try varying my writing style a little bit in the posts to come. I can't decide whether I want to totally recap the film, like I've been doing or just give some thoughts on the film and what I liked or disliked about it. I'm not a writer, nor have I or will I ever claim to be, but like I said in the beginning, this is just basically a diary for me to keep for myself, on this incredible journey through cinema that I am undertaking. If someone happens to stumble across it and leaves a comment or two, that's awesome, but really this is just for me. I feel that recapping the film, may help me to really cement these films into my head, so I may stick with that technique.

*I'd like to post a top ten list every now and then, maybe after every 50 or 100 movies I watch, posting the ten that I've enjoyed the most at that point. I'm also keeping a written list of the movies I watch, so that I know how many I've viewed as I go.

*I'm getting most of the movies from Netflix. A lot of them are there and a lot of the ones that aren't there to get mailed to you, they still have on the site streaming, so you can watch them right there. I've basically went through the book all the way up through the thirties and looked researched the availability of each movie. There's a few that I can't find, and I will continue to search for them. If I get to a movie that I have been 100% unable to find, then I'll still leave a post for that movie, detailing the cast, director, etc.

Basically, thats it. I just wanted to post those few thoughts. Like I said...

...Les Vampires is next, which I'll be watching streaming on Netflix, possibly tomorrow, if not Monday.


September 13, 2009 3:01am

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